With Arvey, you are the one

who decides where

you have power.


Mobile Energy, like from the socket

ARVEY is your own portable socket

ARVEY is a mobile energy storage system that you can charge with numerous energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, fuels cells or mains current. This energy is saved in a high-performance battery and provided in common formats.

ARVEY provides sufficient power for all common applications like fridges, lamps, TV sets, audio devices, computers, fans, air conditioning systems, tools, measuring systems, water pumps or similar devices.

In emergency cases, during car travels, in caravans, at open air projects, in construction trailers, at sea and everywhere you go with ARVEY, you can be sure: With ARVEY, you have power everywhere.

Powerful powerbank or portable solar system – with ARVEY, you decide how and where you use power.

All of our tools to solve your power tasks.

Some examples what we and our customers did with Arvey so far.

Power in the vehicle

Power also with turned-off engine

Power in emergency cases

Your own portable power electricity supply, also during blackouts


The ARVEY A1 solar generator

1000W / 2000W AC
480-1920Wh storage
11,2kg weight


The magnetic solar panel 24FL50M

50W nominal capacity
30V nominal voltage
2,3kg weight


The foldable solar panel 24FLFO100

100W nominal capacity
36V nominal voltage
5,0kg weight

ARVEY E-Fill mobiler USB Solarlader

The E-FILL Panel

6W nominal capacity
highly efficient
120g weight


The ARVEY E-Line USB cable

105cm length
robust design