The independent power kit


The Arvey E-Fill

  • 6 watts solar charger (handbag size 6)
  • Lighter than an apple
  • Highly efficient cell technology
  • Robust and powerful
  • Charges mobiles, tablets and powerbanks

High performing solar charger to go

Just charge!

This highly efficient solar panel offers you the opportunity to charge all your devices that are rechargeable via USB – efficient and ecofriendly. With the power of the sun, you can charge e.g. mobile phones, tablets, digicams and much more. Our special lightweight charge controller makes sure that your devices are charged with a stable voltage even in faint light.

One product, one job. So simple.

This product charges your USB device – without movable parts, without planned wear and unnecessary extra weight. The Arvey E-Fill is built robust enough to get its job done as long as it is treated with respect. In return, you get a well-produced and controlled, light, handy and efficient solar panel that supports you wherever you need power.



 Power output 6 W
 Weight 120 g
 Dimensions 275 x 158 x 10 mm
 Nominal voltage 6,05 V
 Nominal current 1,0 A
 Colour Blue
 Plug type USB
 Material PET, EVA

How fast does this panel recharge a mobile phone completely (0% – 100%)?


Strong sun:
  • Galaxy S8 (3.000mAh): 1,8 hours
  • Mate 10 Pro (4.000mAh): 2,5 hours


Medium sun:
  • Galaxy S8 (3.000mAh): 3,6 hours
  • Mate 10 Pro (4.000mAh): 5 hours