The Balcony Power Plant for Everyone

The own mini solar system is today as simple and cheap as never before. You only need one or more photovoltaic modules with a suitable inverter. It is usually equipped with a Schuko plug, which can be plugged into an ordinary household socket. Add to this the appropriate installation kit and the installment and energy cost saving can begin. Please note that according to the VDE guideline, the power supply should be provided by a Wieland plug!

A balcony power plant in Germany may have up to 600 watts without the need to hire an electrician. However, an informal notification must be made to the responsible network operator, who will check whether it is necessary to install a meter without backstop.

Our ARVEY E-Fill home 300 solar modules including inverter offer you the highest quality and exactly the right solution for your balcony power plant (selfPV). Together with the ARVEY A1 solar generator, you always have an emergency power solution ready in your home.