We support Benedict in his record attempt with our E-Fill’s

Extreme climber and CEO of Dynafit Benedikt Böhm conquered the highest mountains in the world. He went on a new expedition to Nepal to board Dhaulagiri VII less than eight hours before his death zone, and skied down as soon as possible. This was a new record attempt. ARVEY POWER TO GO supported him during the whole expedition with the necessary strength and energy.

High-speed climber Benedict Böhm set off on a new expedition to Nepal, and he managed to climb Dhaulagiri VII in less than eight hours.

Unbridled mountain element, high peaks, kilometers of mountain desert around – E-Fill managed to supply the climber in such a deserted, abandoned and harsh terrain.

One of the best skiers in the world climbed the 8000s in high-speed style to the death zone of Dhaulagiri VII. Speed ​​and lightness are some of the fundamental conditions for climbing mountain skiing. While climbing Benedict Böhm, the managing Director of the Dynafit ski tour and a former member of the German national team refused to take oxygen and unnecessary ballast. He took only a couple of the most important and space-saving things, E-Fill was one of them.

With the “United for Himalayan Kids” campaign and the sale of headbands, the mission also pursued to support a school project in Nepal together with the “Nepal Medical Careflight” association, which gives children in this poor country access to education.

As part of the Unification of Radical Children campaign and the sales of headband, CEO of Dynafit supported a school project in Nepal together with the Nepalese Medical Assistance Association, which provides children in this poor country with access to education.

On September 26, Benedict Bohem embarked on an expedition to Nepal, climbed and descended 7246 meters of Dhaulagiri VII in less than eight hours.