ARVEY success stories in “Events”

— Solar-powered Concert “RENEWABLE SINES“ (WE ARE ROME & TU BINGEN)

A concert in open air, powered only by solar energy? We have made perhaps the first solar concert possible – with our ARVEY A1 and our E-Fill Home 300 panels. In cooperation with the rock band WE ARE ROME and the Technical University of Bingen we managed to generate 5 kW of free and most importantly clean energy for a concert, far away from the next power outlet. Since our ARVEY A1 can be adapted and expanded, we have coupled five ARVEY A1 units with ten E-Fill Home 300 panels via connecting cables. This powered the entire stage and sound setup as well as a refrigerator for cool drinks. You can watch the music video, the making-of and an interesting feature on the experimental concert from SWR here.

The success of the concert has not only redefined the limits of energy production and use in technical terms. It has also shown us that it is time to rethink the topic of energy and create new, unconventional ideas. Energy production can be cost-effective, mobile and environmentally friendly!