Frequently asked questions

Connecting the Battery Breaker Plug

To prepare the device for use, please connect the Battery Breaker Plug parts. Before using your device for the first time, make sure to first charge the battery to full.

A illustration can be found in the manual on page 24.


Setting up your device

Please make sure the contents of the package are complete and check for visible damage. Take all parts from the packaging and remove all packaging material from the device. Please dispose of all packaging material in compliance with your localregulations.

When you first receive your device, the Battery Breaker Plug is disconnected to prevent the device from self-discharging. Before setup, place the device on a flat surface to prevent tipping. Make sure the surface area is able to carry the weight of your device.


My renewable energy source is not charging the battery

Issue 1: The cable polarity is wrong.
Solution 1: Check the cable polarity.

Issue 2: The connecting cables between
the device and the energy source could be broken. Solution 2: Replace the connecting cables if possible or connect a different
energy source.

Issue 3: The internal fuse could be broken.
Solution 3: Contact your nearest certified ARVEY customer support.

My device to be connected does not work with ARVEY

Issue: Many devices whose “end product” is heat or they need or heat for functionality, like printers,  have a very high peak consumption, which can be 7 times the nominal Wattage. This makes them a very special appliance type that can not be guaranteed to run on this device without individual testing.



A connected appliance does not wind up smoothly, but stutters in the beginning

Issue: Peak power consuption exceeded 2000W briefly.

Solution: This device supplies 2000W for a very short time period. Should more power be drawn by the appliance, the device limits power output to 2000W, then 1000W after a one second. Some appliances that have an electric motor require high peak power very briefly and then fall back to a lesser consumption. The limited output therefore only affects the windup phase, which can lead to slower than usual wind ups or stuttering.

All three colored LED are blinking

Issue: The polarity of the connected energy storage unit is wrong.
Solution: Immediately disconnect the storage unit and contact customer support.