What kind of device is it

that empowers everyone?

The Arvey A1 solar generator

This compact power system is its own portable, independent solar system with an included storage unit and can be charged by conventional line current as well as with solar panels and wind turbines. If you want to be the person who decides when and where to have power, then ARVEY is the solar generator of the choice – portable, powerful and safe.


A true sunshine

The magnetic ARVEY solar panel 24FL50M

50W full of solar power in a light, robust solar panel that attaches itself to every metallic surface – without damages or residues. Generate your own energy on the car roof on the way and enjoy to have power for all important applications inside the passenger compartment even with a turned-off engine.

Charging ARVEY with sun energy is without emissions, for free and eco-friendly. Flexible panels are light and easy to handle. They are the perfect compromise between durability, weight and performance.


Foldable sun power

The foldable ARVEY solar panel 24FLFO100

Would you like to have a bit more power on the way? This convenient 100W solar panel can be folded into a handy bag and accompanies you also deep into nature. Due to its fixing rings, the panel can easily be attached anywhere.

Still not enough? Interconnect up to 8 of these solar panels and charge your Arvey in less than one hour.

Unser Faltbares Solarpanel 24FLFO100 - 100 Watt tragbare Sonnenenergie

Converting sunlight into

energy on the way easily

The highly efficient solar charger Arvey E-Fill

Small body, full power! This highly efficient solar panel charges your USB devices like mobile phones, powerbanks, cameras or MP3 players with powerful 6W solely by the power of the sun. At the same time, the panel weighs only 120g and with 16cm x 27cm, it fits into a normal handbag.