ARVEY success stories in “Emergency services”


An unrestricted and continuous supply of energy is a fundamental requirement in almost all areas of life. This is especially true for operations of the police, fire department, rescue services, THW, DRK and many more. In the event of floods or storms, but also in disaster control and refugee aid, an uninterrupted power supply is extremely important for the success of operations.  


In such critical situations, the ARVEY A1 as a mobile high-performance solar generator can help. It supplies the energy to operate emergency vehicles, necessary equipment, heaters, and many other devices. In addition, it can cover an increased or longer-term power demand at the scene of the emergency and serve as an emergency power supply in an emergency. In addition to mains power and wind power, the ARVEY A1 can be powered by self-generated solar energy, thus achieving a maximum degree of self-sufficiency and resilience. 

The electricity generated is stored in a highly secure lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4), whose capacity can be expanded to up to 1,920 Wh. The battery units have an 8-cell design, which allows for maximum service life. For safe transport and storage, the batteries are protected by a shock-resistant aluminum housing with a collision-proof stainless-steel handle. Despite its robustness, it is a lightweight with its 11 kg. Furthermore, it is certified for air transport according to UN38.3. The system is ready for use in seconds and runs completely silently. Thanks to the highest operational reliability, it offers emergency services a carefree power supply and allows them to concentrate fully on their tasks during operations.  

The ARVEY A1 has already been successfully deployed in numerous departments throughout Germany and has met with a consistently positive response 

  • Fire department Bad Homburg 
  • State Security Hesse 
  • Federal Police Berlin  
  • Police NRW …  

The wide range of applications of the ARVEY A1 includes… 

  • Service vehicles, command vehicles, command vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles  
  • Equipment and tool carts, rescue vehicles  
  • Fire engine trailer  
  • Emergency and safety lighting  
  • Heating and air conditioning 
  • (COVID-19) Test centers and hospitals (THW) 
  • Communication Electronics 


A continuous power supply is indispensable not only for outdoor applications. The ARVEY A1 can also be used as an emergency power supply unit in the control centers themselves during a failure of the public power supply. If PV systems are used as an environmentally friendly alternative, the free energy from the sun can be used and temporarily stored for later use with the ARVEY A1. In this way, crisis management teams, fire department control centers, but also city administrations can be kept continuously operational. In addition, the operating and acquisition costs can be significantly reduced, and the electricity grid can be relieved to a large extent.  

With decentralized energy solutions, you are ideally equipped against crisis situations. For this reason, the UPS should remain a top priority to ensure unconditional operational readiness of all emergency services in case of an emergency. AXSOL supports all emergency services and municipalities with professional energy solutions to find the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us now for an offer