ARVEY success stories in “environmental analysis”

— ARVEY in use: Environmental analysis at Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik —

Our ARVEY products not only supply private users with energy wherever it is needed. The ARVEY A1 is also becoming increasingly important for a wide range of companies and research institutions. We want to show today what our A1 can be used for.

Have you ever heard that a friend of yours suffered from insomnia for a long time without any obvious reason? This could be possibly be due to the high-frequency radiation from the cordless phone in the room. But how do you come to such a result?

Dr. Dietrich Moldan has been working in the environmental analysis sector since 1996 and is therefore a professional in his area when it comes to electromagnetic fields. These have a major influence on the well-being of humans. They are often caused by power lines, mobile radio transmitters, but also cordless DECT telephones or WLAN in the house. Therefore, customers often come to him who suffer from concentration difficulties, headaches or even lack of sleep. Dr. Moldan carries out analyses for his customers, who are both private individuals and companies, on the basis of their problems and supports the implementation of a solution afterwards.

However, Dr. Moldan does not only measure in houses, but also carries out building site investigations. It is recommended to have the ground measured by a specialist before construction in order to detect possible negative effects on health in advance and to prevent them by certain construction methods.

This is where our ARVEY A1 comes in and supports the professional in his work. For his investigations Dr. Moldan needs a spectrum analyzer that records and displays the frequencies and power flux densities of an electromagnetic field. With the help of the A1, he can immediately supply his instrument with power on the spot and perform the measurement.

If you want to know more about the work of Dr. Moldan, you can find a link to his website here: