ARVEY success stories in “Film & TV”

— Film production “Sinking ships” by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg —

Our ARVEY A1 was successfully used by Filmakademie to scene their film “Sinkende schiffe” (“Sinking ships”). Filmakademie was nominated for Deutschland Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis with their short film in 2020. They used ARVEY A1 almost for a week in summer 2019 to make “Sinkende Schiffe” working nearby Ludwigsburg.

About the film…

With the “Sinking Ship”, the spectator participates in family life, for which violence and oppression are integral part of everyday life. In this family, the filmmakers talk about fear and longing, and the spectator recognizes the characters so personally that they become part of that family. The film talks about domestic violence which, unfortunately, some people experience in their life. “Sinking Ship” offers to travel with the characters, feel their suffering, experience affection and love, as well as pain and loneliness. The film raises a very important social issue, the importance of which continues to be ignited.