ARVEY success stories in “Industry & Trade”

What do landscaping, construction and event organization have in common? These and many further industries from the industry and trade sectors are dependent on electricity, which either does not exist locally or is only accessible with difficulties.

However, the use of electrical appliances and thus often long cables for energy supply are still part of everyday life in these sectors. Depending on the area of application, this is a real challenge and often costs the operator a lot of time and patience. Likewise, in addition to high noise levels and the emission of pollutants, the use of diesel generators for the mobile provision of energy has many other disadvantages.

In addition, nowadays, the diesel generator as a more environmentally harmful option is still often used as a solution. We would like to improve this situation with our ARVEY A1 as a generator and our solar panels.

Our ARVEY A1 is the perfect companion for every application! Whether it’s electric drills, circular saws or hedge trimmers, with our A1 the mobile power socket is always with you. The high output power ensures a wide range of professional applications. Even the extension of the battery storage is easily possible with up to three additional batteries. In addition, the light weight of only 11 kg is a further advantage. Since the A1 runs completely noiselessly, the workers on site benefit greatly from a workplace without noise pollution. In addition, no fumes are released, which even makes it possible to work in a tunnel. Charging is done by solar energy or via the power socket and is therefore much cheaper than diesel.